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The Polyend Tracker+ is a remastered version of Polyend’s flagship hardware tracker. The original was the first dedicated hardware tracker, it now has eight more tracks, synthesizers, drum machines, stereo sampling, expanded memory, and audio capabilities via USB to be your ultimate stand-alone workstation.

The Tracker+ features a 16-track sequencer, with eight new tracks designated for MIDI or synth playback, expanding your sequencing options significantly. All audio processes, from beat slicing to granular and wavetable synthesis, are now in stereo. Additionally, the USB expansion simplifies interaction with your DAW and file transfers. It is easier than ever to complete your tracks, record them, and perform with ease. 

Hardware improvements include a faster microcontroller, increased memory, a more durable jog wheel, and rubberized keys for smoother operation


●      A remastered version of revolutionary Polyend's flag-ship hardware Tracker

●      16 tracks: 8 audio + universal tracks and 8 MIDI/synth tracks.

●      14 Tracks of Stereo Audio over USB.

●      USB mass storage device.

●      Support for both stereo and mono audio samples.

●      Sequencer with up to 128 steps per track and 256 patterns per song, unlimited projects.

●      48 x multifunctional Backlit Silicone Pads and Jog-wheel.

●      Hi-quality synth engines:

○      ACD™ - transports you back to the golden age of electronic music with its recreation of iconic single-oscillator monophonic analog synths

○      FAT™ - a powerhouse synth engine that epitomizes the lush, vintage warmth of classic analog synthesizers with three virtual analog oscillators and drift and detune control for massive sounds.

○      VAP™ - Virtual Analog Polysynth, boasting a dual-oscillator architecture and a versatile modulation matrix.

○      WTFM™ - unique 2-operator FM synth engine that utilizes WaveTable-based oscillators driven by a 3x feedback system.

●      8 polyphonic synth voices and 3 synth engines per project.

●      PERC™ Drum Machine - an all-new drum machine instrument. 5 drum sounds can be triggered simultaneously while only using 1 of the 8 allocated synth voices. Deep editing options and quality presets allow you to create everything from classic 808 or 909 drums to modern glitchy madness.

●      Various sampling modes: 1-shot, Forward, Backward, Ping-pong, Automatic Slicing (manual/automatic), Sample Editor, Sample Recorder (Mono/Stereo)

●      Built-in FM radio for sample recording.

●      Per-track effects: Volume, Tuning, Panning, Resonant Filters, Delay and Reverb Sends, ADSRs, LFOs, Overdrive, Normalizer, Reverse, Overdrive, Delay, Bitcrusher, Chorus, Flanger, 3-band EQ, Compressor, WT Smoother, Timestretch and many more.

●      Advanced fill mode with many algorithms from Random to Euclidean and Musical scales to step FX.

●      Versatile performance mode with customizable effects: Volume, Panning, Tune, Low-pass cutoff, High-pass cutoff, Band-pass cutoff, Delay send, Reverb send, Sample position, Sample end, Sample playback, Colume LFO Speed, Panning LFO Speed, Finetune LFO Speed, Filter LFO Speed, Granular, Wavetavle LFO Speed, Step repeater, Pattern play mode, Pattern length, Bit Depth, Overdrive.

●      Large 7-inch display for comfortable work and performance.

●      Projects are compatible with Tracker Mini.

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