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In CS-80 V we have recreated the formidable Yamaha™ CS-80, a synthesizer that was even more massive in sound than it was in size. It was popularized by artists such as Toto, Jean-Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze, Stevie Wonder, Vangelis, Ultravox and Peter Gabriel, to name a few. Hit song after hit song has turned this synthesizer into a true legend.

More than three decades after its release, the time has come to rediscover a sound that has contributed extensively to the history of music.

Evolution of the species

CS-80 V takes the groundbreaking CS-80 to a whole new level; it captures the essence of the original, but also has a personality of its own. Besides faithfully reproducing the voice architecture that had such a huge impact on the world of music all those years ago, we have also included new features that will bring this massive synth into the limelight once again.


A Multi Mode has been added, allowing extensive multitimbral capability and several voice modes. The brand new arpeggiator and stereo delay units further extend this virtual synth’s identity. Plus, getting new sounds out of the CS-80 V has never been easier with the brand new SoundMap preset navigation tool: a totally innovative way to explore presets and morph between them.

Modulation Matrix

The modulation matrix lets you assign 13 sources to 38 destinations for 10 additional modulations, dramatically extending sound capabilities beyond the original boundaries. You’ll be amazed at how this feature has been used by our talented international team of programmers.

Software Specifications

  • All the original parameters of the Yamaha CS-80:
    • 2 oscillators
    • 4 filters (high pass, low pass)
    • 2 LFOs
    • 4 envelopes
    • 2 VCAs
    • 1 sub-oscillator
    • 1 ring modulator
    • chorus and tremolo
  • Digital Delay
  • Multi Mode: assign a different sound to each of the 8 voices of polyphony!
  • Modulation Matrix: 13 sources, 38 destinations
  • More than 500 presets made by some of the world’s best sound designers
  • Polyphonic aftertouch response
  • 1 arpeggiator
  • Full MIDI controller mapping
  • Virtual Ribbon controller
  • Absolutely pure, top quality sound from TAE® analog modeling
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