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  • split signal into two frequency bands
  • process with pedals, eurorack and other effects
  • crossover, crossfader and resonant notch modes
  • control splitpoint with CV and expression pedal
  • select between 12, 24 or 48 db/oct filter slopes
  • limit bandwidths with hi & low cut filters


FISSION: The Splitpoint parameter controls the crossover frequency to define the bands for each FX channel. 
FUSION: The Splitpoint parameter adjusts the pre-FX level balance between the two channels like a crossfader. 
FALLOUT: The Splitpoint parameter moves a wide, resonant notch filter across both pre-FX channel signals.


Are your effects chains suffering from radioactive decay? The Transmutron allows you to combine pedals (and eurorack effects) within its sonic reactor to create new and exciting compounds! Different results can be achieved using one of three modes: Fission (crossover filter), Fusion (crossfader), and Fallout (resonant wide-notch filter).

In the primary mode, Fission, the signal from your guitar, bass, synth, or drum machine is split into separate frequency bands, sent simultaneously to different effects, and then recombined to a single output (or two separate outputs). The Splitpoint parameter can be controlled manually or with an expression pedal, and simultaneously injected with a control voltage (CV) source for extremely dynamic reactions!

In Fusion mode, the Splitpoint instead acts as a pre-FX level crossfader, rather than splitting the signal into separate bands. This allows for less extreme blends, especially when modulating. In the third mode, Fallout, a resonant wide-notch filter is applied to both pre-FX channel signals, cutting a hole and creating a phasing-wah effect when using an expression pedal or LFO to sweep the Splitpoint back and forth.

To further shape the signals sent to your effects, the Transmutron is equipped with dedicated hi and low cut filters. In Fission and Fallout modes, the cutoff frequencies of these filters also define the end-to-end sweepable range of the Splitpoint parameter and its center frequency. The filters have selectable slopes of 12, 24, or 48 db/oct, which also affects the crossover filter, and greatly enhances the resonance of the wide-notch filter. If further separation of the parallel FX channels is needed, a dedicated phase switch is on-hand.

Both FX channels have two sets of sends and returns: 1/4-in for guitar pedals and line-level effects, and 3.5mm for eurorack level processing. For each channel, the 1/4-in and 3.5mm FX loops can be used simultaneously, as they are in series (3.5mm then 1/4-in). The FX sends are half-normalled so they can be used as buffered copies without affecting the returns. Additionally, the 3.5mm FX loops for each channel can be independently switched to pedal/line-level using internal dip switches, which allows for seamless integration with the Boredbrain Patchulator 8000.

How complex the reaction is up to you! From simple tone shaping using only a couple effects, to interconnected combinations of pedals and eurorack modulation madness, the Transmutron is just the tool you need to reactivate your effects!

Additional Features:

  • +10dB pre-FX gain per channel
  • Mix output or individual output of each FX channel
  • Solo cycle footswitch for channel isolation
  • Phase inversion switch to reduce phasing and enhance stereo output
  • Half-normalled FX sends for buffered copies
  • 3.5mm FX loops switchable between pedal and eurorack levels

Technical Specs:

  • Power: 9VDC negative center 2.1mm (psu not included)
  • Input and FX Returns Impedance (1/4-in): 1Mohms
  • Output and FX Sends Impedance (1/4-in): 1kohms
  • Control Voltage Input: -5V to 5V (10VPP)
  • Dimensions: 5.875 x 3.875 x 2.125 in
  • Weight: 15.5 oz (440 g)

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