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Deep Pensive Textures. Heavenly Ambient Panoramas. Immense Walls of Sound.
Loaded with the foundation for endless sonic possibilities, TranShifted Guitars delivers huge new spheres of ambient textures, fluid infusions, and evolving soundscapes. Spread these guitar
sound beds out as song and cinematic backdrops or chop, loop, and filter them
in your favorite eurorack modular* device.

Get the complete bundle loaded on a microSD card ready for use in your eurorack system* to morph them into something uniquely yours, these pre- sliced, cue point embedded hi-fi (32bit 48kHz) tracks provide eons of inspiration for any project requiring unique soundscapes.

*presets included for the Make Noise Morphagene and 1010 Music BitBox / Blackbox


TranShifted Guitars are multi-layered easy to use samples with pre sliced cue
points enabling you to dive right in and start creating. Embed these into your
sonic canvas and discover exactly what you were needing for cinematic projects, gaming soundtracks, meditative compositions, and ambient creations.

The adventure begins when you plug these into your modular rig. Explore and create new sounds by how you choose to modulate, filter, chop, and crush these evolving textures into something mysterious and new.

These amplified FX guitar recordings come pre-mixed and ready to go, with perfected panning, optimized EQ, and tasteful compression.


TranShifted guitars were recorded with sought after vintage and modern effects in several of LA’s most well known studios. Utilizing a massive variety of amps, cabs, guitars, and effects, this collection provides ambient atmospheres for all kinds of live and studio applications, whether you’re composing a tight virtual backtrack or simply freestyling deep textures to create a multi-layered dreamscape.

Tech Specs:

- 7.73 GB Total Content

- 3 variations of audio loops included for samplers such as 1010 Music’s Bitbox / Blackbox all with embedded cue points and loop points.

- 3 variations of audio “reels” for use in Make Noise’s Morphagene - Over 600+ embedded slices / cue points

**Please note this content is accessible by any sampler capable of reading the FAT 32 file system...check with your sampler for specific compatibility.
***The included presets for the BitBox/BlackBox are designed to be played via midi and are all looped for sustain. Please set the global midi channel to “none” in order to have access to all 16 sounds.

File Structure and Files on microSD Explained:


This microSD contains several variations of files which are suitable for use in any hardware sampler capable of reading 32bit 48 Khz Files. The naming convention at the root level using filenames such as mg1, mg2, etc is the naming convention currently required for use in a Make Noise Morphagene. We have included variations of these wavs using the required naming convention nested within the card in the directory guessed it... Morphagene.

The Morphagene folder contains 3 variations of the files found at the root level (Figure A). These variations are found in embedded cue points and loop


Morphagene Folders Explained

1) The Loop + Spliced Loop folder = as the name implies...contains a version of the file which has loop points and is followed by the same file with the addition of cue points. *This is particularly useful when browsing on a morphagene since you’ll have the entire file followed by the entire file spliced allowing you to have the file 2 ways.

2) Loop + Spliced Loop Grouped By Key = contains a version of the file which has loop points and is followed by the same file with the addition of cue points. These 2 files are followed by an additional 2 files using the same format (loop + spliced loop”). These are the files found at the root level of the microSD and was done this way to present the user with all the files at once within the limitations of the Morphagene which are a max file time of 2.9 minutes and 32 wavs aka “reels” as the Morphagene likes to call them.

3) Spliced Reels Grouped By Key = contains the same exact files as found in #2 with the exception of removing the loop file in from of the spliced basically its 2 spliced loops back to back.


This microSD also includes presets for 1010music’s Bitbox and Blackbox. The presets are located at the root level of the microSD and are identified by their file extension...als and xml. For more information these file types and their significance please consult the Bitbox or Blackbox manuals found on 1010music’s website.

The “Bitbox” folder found at the root level contains all the samples/loops from which the presets feed from. These samples/loops contain embedded cue points suitable for looping and or start points depending on how you to choose to use them from within the device. This particular product contains 3 variations of the files for use in a Bitbox/ Blackbox (Figure B).

Bitbox Folder Explained

  1. 1)  Looped - contains the sustained looped version of the files with embed loop points. These are suitable for looped

    playback and are the what included Bitbox presets use.

  2. 2)  Spliced - these files only contain embedded cue points and no loop markers. These could be used in situations where a loop isn’t desired and want the flexibility of choosing your start point.

  3. 3)  Start_End_Markers - The files simply have embedded start and end points. These are intended for users who want to embed their own cue points without having to remove cue points from the other included files. These would be considered starting points for this wanting to embed their own points.

To use the presets found on the microSD as intended please make sure your device’s global midi channel is set to “None” as shown in Figure C. The individual sustained loops are mapped to individual notes which can be trigged via any midi controller sending note data on specific channels set in your controller of choice and or can be triggered via the inputs found on the device as well. Ie: channel 1 triggers pad 1, channel 2 triggers pad 2, etc.

For more information on configuring your device to respond to certain midi commands and or control voltages please consult the Bitbox or Blackbox manuals found on 1010music’s website.



Japanese Fender Stratocaster (with pickup mod) Japanese Fender Stratocaster (Stock)
Takamine 6 String Acoustic
Vox Ultrasonic Guitar

Vox Phantom XII Guitar
Casio PG-380 MIDI Guitar
Marshall Plexi 800w Head
Marshall JCM 800
Orange 2 x 12 Cabinet
Orange 4 x 12 Cabinet
Smokey 'Marlboro Red' Amplifier Fender Princeton Reverb
Fender Twin Reverb
Fender Champ
Orange 2 x 12 Cabinet
Orange 4 x 12 Cabinet
Boutique 4x12 Cabinet
Zvex Fuzz Factory
Strymon Blue Sky Reverb
Fulltone OCD "Special Sauce"
DOD 1002 2 Second Digital Delay Ibanez DL10 Digital Delay
Ibanez DDL10 Delay II

  • Boss TU-2 Tuner

  • Boss Super Overdrive SD-1 (Japan)

  • Boss Flanger BF-2 (Japan)

  • Boss DC-3 Dimension C

  • Boss Digital Delay DD-6

  • Boss RE-20 Space Echo

  • Boss DD-7 Digital Delay

  • Arion SAD-3 Stereo Delay

  • Roland Space Echo RE-201

  • Roland Jazz Chorus 120

  • Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo

  • Roland VT-3 Voice Transformer

  • Roland JC-160

  • Deltalab DD1 Digital Delay

  • Deltalab Effectron ADM 1024

  • Line 6 Delay Modeler (standard)

  • Line 6 Delay Modeler "Joker Mod"

  • Electro Harmonix Memory Man Deluxe

  • Electro Harmonix Memory Boy

  • MXR Phase 90

  • Pete Cornish Distortion 2

    RIYL: Underworld, M83, Boards of Canada, Cliff Martinez

    Audio Samples:

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