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A simple concept that lets you have direct influence on your Eurorack system: The Flame Airlectron is a proximity sensor and CV recorder.

Airlectron has a proximity sensor that can detect movements and distances. These are converted into CV signals, which you can then send through your modular system.

The module allows you to adjust various parameters to make operation easier. For example, you can set the detection distance and freeze the outputs. This is very useful, as it allows you to have a quick drink without your system going haywire. The module has two outputs that you can use for different scenarios. One is bipolar (-5 to +5V) and the other is unipolar up to 10V.

A special feature of Airlectron is the CV recorder, which can record everything, up to 2 minutes! Start, stop and loop can all be controlled with gates to create rhythmic loops. The freeze button also lets you hold the tension, giving you fine control!

You can wave, dance or conduct - the sensor sees this and sets your patches in motion! Airlectron is an exciting tool and interface to directly engage with your sounds.


  • Light sensor and CV recorder
  • Two CV outputs (-5V to +5V bipolar // 0V to +10V unipolar) with attenuation
  • Gate/trigger inputs and outputs
  • LEDs for visual feedback
8 HP
25 mm deep
Current Draw
40 mA +12V


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