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There’s no turning back. You have fallen into the void and something ominous approaches...

Take a sip from the holy grail of modular synthesis with the first entry of the enthralling Dark Matter loop pack series. Entrance listeners with sonic beds of evolving drones, or simply amplify any production with more depth and brooding atmosphere.

Once you enter this visceral realm, the most striking aspect you will notice is the absence of virtual instruments and four-on-the-floor loops. Anything cookie-cutter has been replaced with a complex array of analog and modular synthesizer loops. Above all, each loop and part was made to effortlessly coexist.

Thoughtfully designed around electronic left of center sounds and textures, Dark Matter was conjured for all types of users and scenarios: composers/artists/producers interested in cinematic style sounds and sequences, and anyone looking to add evocative modular and synthesizer based elements to their compositions.

Each Dark Matter Volume will contain 30 loops -- two sets of 15 loops (2 Bass, 3 Pads, 3 Arpeggios, 3 Leads, and 4 SFX sonic textures/beds) plus a variety of keys and tempos (8-16 bar loops). Do not let the size of these packs fool you! Due to the intricate nature of this particular volume release, less is more and quality reigns supreme.

Keep your finger on the pulse for upcoming volumes as they will be rolled out over time. Need even more analog synth goodness? Make sure to check out the “Odds and Ends” pack, which consists of 50 independent loops (analog and modular origin).

RIYL: John Carpenter, Stranger Things, vintage horror/sci-fi soundtracks, & synthwave

Details (DM vol. 1 - vol. 2 microSD Card):

• Compatiblewithanyhardwaresamplerthatsupportsthewavfileformatinstereo32Bit48KHz resolution, accepts microSD cards, and can navigate nested folders*. ie: Morphagene by Make Noise and BitBox / BlackBox by 1010 Music, and or Qu-Bit;s Nebulae v2.

  • ContainsspecificallyformattedversionsofthecontentfoundinDarkMatterVol1

  • andVol2tobeusedinavarietyofhardwarebasedEuroracksamplers.

  • Embeddedcuepointspreciselycuttoagridandwrittentofilesforeasyloopmanipulation

  • andseamlessplayback.

  • Contains multiple sets of audio loops specifically formatted with numerous cue points for hardware

  • thatmakesuseofthesesuchastheMakeNoiseMorphageneandBitBox/BlackBoxby1010Music.

  • ie:Bothvol1andvol2areavailableseparatelyasreelsalongwithacombinedreelwhichcontainsboth

  • vol1andvol2.

  • TestedwiththelatestfirmwaresavailableatthetimeofthiswritingfortheMorphageneandBitbox.

  • FileSize4.6GB

    *presets included for the Make Noise Morphagene and 1010 Music BitBox / Blackbox

    Please Note:

    some features require the use of a usb microSD Card reader to recover files, move files, etc. These are available in most electronic stores and readily available on Amazon.

    Audio Samples:

    Promo Videos:

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