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A next-level synth engine for hybrid additive and wavetable synthesis

Warp is a synthesizer with a novel hybrid engine that combines the best of additive and wavetable synthesis. It is a feature-rich powerhouse that lets you create all kinds of sounds, from glassy clean to crunchy crunch. Thanks to expressive macro tone controls, extreme morphs are possible in a single pot turn. With the integrated editor you can playfully draw your own overtone spectra into the colorful XY matrix and also export them as wavetables for other synths.

Main functions
- Complete synthesizer with 4 voices and 2 oscillators each
- Innovative hybrid of additive and wavetable synthesis
- Four voice polyphonic with WarpEx Expander, monophonic as standalone unit
- MPE and MIDI capable with WarpEx Expander, but also playable polyphonic with 4x CV & Gate
- Comes factory equipped with numerous Factory- and Artist-Created features
- Large pots act as performance-oriented macro controls for several internal parameters
- Each pot has its own CV input
- Graphically appealing, animated and easy to follow menu
- Internal modulation: 2x ADSR, Note-Key and 2x LFO with a variety of waveforms
- External modulation: OMNI CV input (24-bit), MIDI velocity, MIDI aftertouch, MIDI CC
- Powerful and clearly animated modulation matrix with 8 x 19 = 152 internal modulation values per voice
- Many modulation destinations can be modulated at up to 24kHz, a unique feature in digital synthesizers
- The XY matrix serves as a pool of 32 x 16 overtone spectra from which each voice draws its basic sound
- X and Y position to scan overtone spectra in two dimensions (with interpolation), as in wavetable synths
- Complex spectral filter is applied to overtone spectrum before wavetable is calculated in real time
- A mix of wavetable effects changes the waveform in the time domain: Fold, Drive, Bend and Redux
- The waveform is used by two oscillators per voice, which can interact through several effects
- Oscillator effects: Linear detune, Sync, AM, FM, Phase distortion, filtered noise.
- Low-pass and high-pass filters with 12 or 24dB per octave as well as filter resonance
- Two outputs for stereo or two signal busses. 24 bit, 48kHz output, 32 bit internal
- Pitch adjustment with stepped encoder in octaves, semitones or fine tuning. Quick reset on long-press
- Several intuitive editors on board to draw your own overtone spectra or derive them from audio files
- Wavetable export function to create wavetable files in the appropriate target format for other synthesizers

Sound Demo


Warp is a complete synthesizer that offers an impressive sound spectrum with 4 voices and 2 oscillators each. The heart of this instrument is its innovative hybrid engine that perfectly combines additive and wavetable synthesis.

The WarpEx Expander adds polyphony and MPE support to Warp through MIDI and 4x CV & Gate. But even standalone Warp is already an impressive monophonic synthesizer.

For all its feature-richness, Warp still remains a very playable and performance-oriented instrument. The large potentiometers serve as macro controls to control several internal parameters at once. This keeps the instrument easy to control with a clear number of controls, but all of them are very expressive. Likewise, Warp offers the ability to store and load any number of custom presets in addition to the factory presets. This makes Warp ideal for both detailed sound design in the studio and hands-on performance on stage.

Warp provides access to the internal signal chain via an animated and easy-to-understand menu. The navigation is as intuitive as with our module "Quasar" and is easily done via a push encoder and a back button. The display shows which function the four large aluminum encoders currently have, and four colored LEDs next to the encoders provide visual assistance.

The module's pitch is adjusted via a separate detented encoder, which adjusts it either in fine steps, in semitones or in octaves. That way an octave switch is already integrated.

Warp's signal path takes place first in the frequency domain and later in the time domain, combining the best of additive and subtractive synthesis. Warp's large LED matrix, called GalaXY, is at the beginning of the chain, representing a pool of 32 x 16 overtone spectra. From there, each Voice draws its fundamental sound. Each of Warp's Voices has an XY coordinate in the GalaXY, and from that point scans the underlying overtone spectrum. Interpolation is applied between the individual overtone spectra, creating a smooth transition. The position can be modulated in two directions X and Y, similar to the scanning of waveforms in a wavetable synthesizer. This alone makes it possible to create a wide variety of sounds.

In addition, internal editors are available with which new overtone spectra can be drawn into the GalaXY in a playful manner. These can either be drawn manually or derived from audio samples. The GalaXY content can be saved and loaded from the SD-card, or simply taken from a preset.

An exciting feature is that the GalaXY can be exported to a wavetable file with any target format for other synthesizers. This also allows Warp to be used as an intuitive wavetable editor for other synths.

After the voice has obtained an overtone spectrum from GalaXY, a complex spectral filter is applied to the overtone spectrum, for which a variety of simple and complex filter shapes are available. The filter spectrum can be dynamically modulated in depth and stretching, but can also be turned into an overtone generator. The combination of GalaXY and spectral filter alone offers a variety of sound spectra that leaves little to be desired in the field of additive synthesis.

The overtone spectrum formed by this is then converted into a wavetable in real time, to which in turn up to four effects are applied in parallel: Wavefolding, Time-Bend, Overdrive and Redux.

The resulting waveform now serves as the source for two oscillators that can interact with each other in different ways. Linear Detune, Oscillator Sync, AM, FM, Phase Distortion and Filtered Noise are available for selection. Effect depth, pitch and amplitude are available as parameters. The signal then passes through two filters, one of which serves as a high-pass filter and the other as a low-pass filter.

The parameters in the signal path are accessible via an internal modulation matrix. Internal modulation sources (2 x ADSR, 2 x LFO, note key) or external sources can be used (OMNI CV input, MIDI CC, velocity, aftertouch). The numerous modulation destinations allow you to give free rein to your creativity in sound design. The matrix is also a clear representation to see at a glance how an existing sound is composed. The possibility to modulate many modulation destinations with up to 24,000 Hz is a special feature of this digital synthesizer.

The module consists of high-quality and mechanically robust components, the back of the module and the expander are closed. Audio is output at 24 bit and 48 kHz, internally 32 bit and oversampling is used. On board is a precision voltage reference that allows Warp and WarpEx to calibrate themselves at the touch of a button.

- USB cable for firmware updates from computer.
- 16-pin-to-10-pin Eurorack power cable
- 3 mm screws

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