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The system coupe is a modern modular groove box combing both digital and analog technologies. It features various sound sources, innovative pattern creation and sequencing, modulation, sampling, processing and integration with external equipment.

Use the Coupe as a creative tool to sketch new original musical ideas and phrases, an enjoyable persuit to take on travels, a flexible instrument for live sets or imaginative first, or ongoing steps into modern modular synthesis. The System Coupe works great on its own or in partnership with your existing set up.

The Coupe consists of a powered case populated with a curated set of ALM modules - some new, some staples, some proven classics - all very functional and fun. All the modules are special editions, with grey panels, white screens, magenta and blue knobs and a custom powered compact aluminium 84hp case.

Sample & Shape

At the core of the system is the Squid Salmple, a powerful sampler capable of the recording and playback of up to 8 channels of both audio and CV. It can be used simply as a percussive voice but is extremely flexible as a sampler. Take advantage of its flexibitliy to create polyphonic voices, a super controlled delay or even a CV sequencer.

The Squid Salmple comes with an extensive royalty free sound library of over 700 carefully curated samples created specifically for the module.

The system's VCO is the small but mighty MCO, a morphing wavetable oscillator with 3 simultaneous outputs. It features a normal wave output, octave down sub oscillator output and a special pulse width modultion wavetable output. There are 4 PWM types which can be applied to all 10 wave shapes.

The four transparent & clean summed VCAs of the Tangle Quartet allow you to mix, shape and route audio from these sources. The MCF multi mode filter allows for further sculpting with 3 simultaneous outputs under full voltage control.

Unique Modules

The Coupe features 3 new modules available for the first time as part of the system; the Milton, the MCF, and a basic mult, all designed primarily with the Coupe in mind. 

The Milton is a utility module that provides amplication for external line level sources, a 1 in 3 out buffered mult, an attenuator and 4 input fixed gain mixer. It was designed specifically for the Coupe system - providing some very useful functionality on a small space.

The MCF is a classic analog multimode filter with resonance featuring hi, band and low pass outputs wth voltage control of both frequency and resonance. It can be used as a sine wave oscillator at higher resonance settings with v/oct tracking over pitch.

The basic mult allows signals to be duplicated to multiple destinations.

Sequence, Modulate

The classic Pamelas NEW Workout & Quaid Megaslope provide numerous sequencing and endless modulation oppertunities.

Pam is a staple in the Eurorack world. Use for synced triggers, gates, envelopes and quantised CV sequences all rythimcally synced to a core BPM. Patterns can be based on euclidean rules, then looped on beats for a repeating structure or not, if preferred.

The Megaslope can be used as an advanced multi stage envelope, an LFO and step sequencer with programmable slides. The sequencer is limited to 5 stages but when combined with Pam's flexible CV and gate outputs it is capable of great variation. Unlike many sequencers, the level of each step and slide times may be voltage controlled.

The mmMidi and expander provide the means for more convenetial Midi sequencing and can fully drive the system with multiple CV, gate and trigger outputs.

The adventurous types may even want to sample CV patterns into the Squid Salmple for playback and saving to the USB memory.


The mmMidi, HPO and Milton allow for connection to the outside world.

The mmMidi and expander bring in Midi control, mapping 3 Midi channels - 2 channels for Midi to CV conversion (v/oct, gate & velocity) and another for up to 8 triggers.

The HPO is a clean headphone output that doubles as as line level source for mixers, audio interfaces, etc.

Milton takes line level signals and amplifys them up to modular level for further processing in the system.

The Squid Salmple is capable of loading and saving WAV sample files to the USB stick from a computer. DAW markers can be translated into cue sets for precisely composing saved start and end time positions per sample.



  • Dimentions: 435mm x 132mm x 66mm
  • Weight: 2200g
  • Size: 3U, 84HP
  • Power: 12V 1.5A (approx)
  • Connectivity: 
    → TRS MIDI IN 
    → Line levle in 
    → Line/Headphone out

Included Modules

  • ALM023 / mmMidi & mmT expander
  • ALM017 / Pamela's NEW Workout
  • ALM027 / MULT
  • ALM024 / Milton
  • ALM021 / MCO
  • ALM025 / MCF
  • ALM009 / Tangle Quartet
  • ALM019 / HPO

Whats included.

  • Coupe system & modules 
  • Included patch cables; 
    → 15cm (x5), 
    → 30cm (x10),
    → 60cm (x5),
    → 90cm (x2), 
    → 120cm (x1) 
  • MIDI DIN to TRS adapter cable
  • Squid Salmple USB sample library key 
  • Universal 12V power supply 
  • Getting started manual 
  • Sticker sheet
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