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MiniFreak is a polyphonic hybrid keyboard that unites dual digital sound engines with analog filters, playful modulation, instinctive sequencing, and rich stereo effects for sounds that are immediately curious, beautiful, and chaotic in equal measure.

Two engines, many voices

A dynamic selection of sounds that contrast, collide, and conspire to create.

Classic sinewave to fearsome supersaw bass, pizzicato-plucked strings to dense stacked chords. MiniFreak’s engines pack a punch - or 22, to be precise. From our own algorithms to unique modes designed by modular synth wizards.

Analog Filters

Magic happens where digital and analog meet.

MiniFreak embraces the crisp, glassy, sometimes aggressive sound of digital oscillators. But this machine isn’t taking sides; enjoy the best of both worlds with the warm, responsive, authentic sound of polyphonic analog filters. Tame harshness, create movement, and make subtractive synthesis work for you.


Every note you play will be shaped and colored individually thanks to analog filters for every voice, ensuring that each melody, chord, or percussive hit is as warm and vivid as the last.


Sweep a filter yourself, crush or widen its envelope - but MiniFreak has other ideas. Send your analog filters into an modulation frenzy or keep it moving in-line with your sequencer for filtering that goes further.

3 modes

Balance MiniFreak’s sound to sit perfectly in your mix, or target specific frequency ranges to unlock unique harmonics with low-pass, band-pass, and high-pass states.

The finishing touch

Beautiful, crunchy, unstoppable stereo sound awaits.

Augment, transform, and polish whatever combination of engines you’ve chosen with 3 stereo FX engines. From space-enhancers, to textural algorithms, to outright sonic destruction, these FX are ready to be tweaked & modulated to your heart’s content.

Spontaneous sequencing

Blur the lines between sequencing and arpeggiation with wild results.

When you need quick step-sequencing, instant note repetition, or rhythmic consistency, MiniFreak will answer the call. But if you want to go a step further - to interact with your melodies or impulsively change direction - this flexible sequencer & arpeggiator is armed to the teeth with creative tricks.

Arp controls

Change single-note repetitions into chord stabs, switch octaves in seconds, and introduce totally random notes with the Mutate button for arpeggios that leave an impression.

Spice & Dice

A familiar feature for Freak fans, Spice & Dice alters various parameters, including pitch, gate, and more, so you can take your hands off the wheel and savor some inspiration in the unexpected.

Modulation lanes

Lock in custom changes to your filters, envelopes, FX, and beyond using 4 modulation lanes, ensuring that it’s not just your notes that repeat in perfect sync - it’s your whole sound too.

Modulation galore

Borderline-softsynth flexibility with single-knob control.

There’s nothing wrong with static sounds, but MiniFreak embodies the belief that there’s joy to be found in movement and change. Make instant connections between MiniFreak’s plethora of modulation sources, common destinations like filter and oscillator pitch, and assignable destinations, and craft your own ever-changing, ever-surprising, and ever-inspiring sounds.

What's in the box

Box content

  • MiniFreak Unit
  • Universal PSU - 12V 1A
  • USB A to USB 2.0
  • Registration card

Instrument dimensions

  • Size : 22.75 x 9.09 x 1.57 inches (578 x 231 x 55mm)
  • Weight : 8.37 lbs. (2.94 Kg)

Main Features

6-voice polyphonic hybrid synthesizer


37-note velocity-sensitive Slim-key keybed with aftertouch


2 sound Engines with 22 oscillator modes in total


Engine 2 can be used to process Engine 1


1 envelope per voice


1 cycling envelope per voice


2 LFOs per voice


Polyphonic analog filters and VCAs


6-voice polyphonic, 12-voice paraphonic, unison, or mono configuration


3 digital FX slots in insert or send mode, with 10 FX to choose from


User-customizable LFO curves


Mod Matrix with 7 sources and 13 potential destinations


OLED display for real-time visual feedback


Intuitive 64-step sequencer (4 pages of 16 steps)


4 lanes of automated modulation


Performance Arpeggiator controls including Ratchet, Octave Randomize, and more


MIDI in/out/thru


USB connectivity


Sustain, audio in, and clock in/out connectivity


Stereo outputs


256 factory presets


256 user preset slots

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