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Buddy is a four-channel eurorack stereo mixer optimized for hybrid setups. Channels A and B are optimized for eurorack sources (either mono or stereo) with a slight boost (×2 / +6dB). Channels C and D are line-level pre-amps that can boost the signal up to ×10 / +20dB and feature stereo TRS jack inputs for directly connecting desktop units without further adaptors. All channels feature a clean boost via the high-quality, low-noise NE5532 op-amp (same as on the Dude), which delivers smooth overdrive - that can be used to overdrive clean stereo signals. Several Buddy mixers can be chained via jumper cables on the back to expand the number of channels without losing precious inputs.

Setup examples:

Use your eurorack as an effects processor! Buddy will boost your desktop gear to correct levels and be your perfect aux send mixer.
Use Buddy as a stereo mixdown module for all your stereo/mono voices.
Use external stereo sound processors with eurorack voices. Buddy will boost their levels back to modular levels.
Use the Buddy stereo mixdown attenuator to lower the level for line-level devices.

  • Channels A and B:
    DC coupled
    100k input impedance
    gain ×2 / +6dB,
    left input normalized to right channel

  • Channels C and D:
    AC coupled
    10k input impedance
    gain ×10 / +20dB
    stereo TRS 3.5mm jack input or 2× mono TS 3.5mm
    solder jumpers to convert to DC coupled
    solder jumpers to normalize left input to right channel

  • Soft Zenner clipping at 10vpp on mixdown stages

  • NE5532 op-amp for low-noise pre-amp

  • 1k output impedance

  • Chaining back jumpers L/R inputs and L/R outputs:

Only when Buddy outputs are not patched, the mixdown is sent to the output chain jumpers (patch configurable mixdowns)

5 HP
30 mm deep
Current Draw
27 mA +12V
27 mA -12V
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