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Blue Lantern's Jupiter Gas Analyzer is a Jupiter 6 OTA filter recreation with loads of additional features that'll keep you coming back, be it for sound design or just some super smooth filtering. At its core, JGA has a very large and tactile cutoff knob for precise placements and smooth filter sweeps—you can run JGA as a 12 or 24dB/Oct low pass, high pass, or band pass filter via the Type button. Resonance introduces soft to squelchy tonal options, and if you'd rather play JGA as a voice, you can switch it into Ping mode for pinging the filter with a trigger input. For drive and distortion, you can use JGA's feedback control for gnarlier textures and fatter bass, and with CV control over resonance and an attenuverted FM input, you can make a wide range of morphing, evolving filtered patches.

A built-in VCA enhances JGA's versatility—normalled from the filter's output, it provides easy access to classic end-of-voice synth function blocks. The VCA features an Accent input as well as AM input, great for everything from conventional dynamic control to metallic and gritty sounds post filter. The VCA can act independently from the filter as well, as each has an audio input with individual level control and additional gain. However, they both share a single master output.

You can modulate all these wonderful parameters from external modules, or use the envelope generators within the module itself. Both JGA's filter and VCA have an independent envelope that modulates the cutoff and amplitude, respectively. These envelopes aren't like typical ADSRs, though, and instead stick to one of eight pre-defined shapes with length based on their respective Decay knobs—CV inputs! Create repeated rhythms from the envelope via the Regen control while adding an offset to the start of the cycle via the Delay control. You can trigger these envelopes from their manual trigger buttons or send a trigger sequence or clock in for creating complex and evolving rhythmic material.

The rich and harmonically pleasing sound of its OTA filter plus filter feedback, a VCA, and loads of modulation makes Jupiter Gas Analyzer by Blue Lantern a stellar filter for any modular system.

Jup-6 OTA-based analog filter
Multi-mode filter structure
Large cutoff knob with filter type selector (24dB/Oct low pass, band pass, 12dB/Oct low pass, high pass)
Resonance and feedback control to add squelch and drive to your signal
Ping mode for resonant plucks and booms
CV for resonance, cutoff with an attenuator, and FM input with attenuverter
Built-in VCA with CV control via amplitude modulation and an accent input
Audio input for the filter and the VCA with gain controls
Envelope generator with control over shape, decay (CV controllable), feedback, and delay (one for filter and one for VCA)
Trigger each envelope via manual button or the trigger input

18 HP
Current Draw
75 mA +12V
70 mA -12V
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