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See exactly what your signals are doing! VM is a super-skinny (2HP) volt meter utility module for your Eurorack modular synthesizer. It offers a bar-graph display that gives you a quick, easy to read indication of what your signal’s voltage is and where it’s going, even from across the room. It can indicate voltages between -12.9V and +12.9V, with one LED per volt (and per 0.1 volt). The meter lights red to indicate a positive voltage and blue to indicate negative. VM offers 4 different display modes, which can be cycled through by pressing the pushbutton on the front panel:

- Bar Mode: All LEDs up to and including the indicated voltage light up.

- Dot Mode: One LED lights at a time, indicating voltage to the nearest volt.

- Precision Bar Mode: Like bar mode, but one of the LEDs flashes to indicate tenths of a volt.

- Precision Dot Mode: Up to two LEDs light at a time. The solid one indicates volts, and the flashing one indicates tenths of a volt.

- Even though this module has lots of LEDs (24!), don’t worry about it making your power supply cry.

Through the magic of persistance-of-vision, only one LED is ever on at any given time, no matter what display mode you are in. VM has a buffered thru jack, so you can monitor any signal without having to worry about how to split it. The meter itself is also fully buffered, so the act of observing a signal won’t alter it (take that, Heisenberg!) As an added bonus, the meter is capable of reading the voltages coming from your power supply busses. When nothing is plugged into the input jack, you can use the button to cycle between them. The module has a 16-pin power connector, so they’re all there:




CV Bus

Gate Bus


- Voltage (3.5mm jack on front)

- Power / signal busses (header on back)


- Voltage THRU (buffered)

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