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A-100 Miniature Power supply and bus bord (A-100MNT / A-100MBP)
(new version with large, black heat sinks)

Different versions of the A-100 miniature power supply are in circulation. We will mention all versions at this point but only the latest version is available. All versions are ready built and tested pc boards and include a small power supply with an integrated bus board with four bus connectors. The main application if the miniature power supply is the power supply for one or a few modules only (up to four). The miniature power supply is also used in the miniatur case A-100MC.

  • Version 1.0 (recognizable by the small blank heat sinks as shown in the left picture, no longer available): +12V/100, -12V/100mA, +5V/50mA, requires a 9VAC adapter (i.e. 9V AC not DC), min. 300mA
  • Version 1.1 (same as version 1.0, but with larger, black heat sinks, no longer available): +12V/200mA, -12V/200mA, +5V/50mA, requires a 9VACadapter (i.e. 9V AC not DC), min. 500mA
  • Version 2: +12V/200mA, -12V/200mA, +5V/50mA, requires a 12-15VAC adapter (i.e. 12-15V AC not DC), min. 500mA

Technical notes: 

  • devices manufactured until about end of 2016 (versions 1.0 and 1.1) require an external transformer (AC/AC adapter) with 9V AC voltage output and are named A-100MNT
  • devices manufactured from about 2017 (version 2) requires an external transformer (AC/AC adapter) with 12-15V AC voltage output and are named A-100MBP (Miniature Bus/Power supply).
    • These units are either marked by a label with the words "12-15AV/>400mA". The label is located on the pc board of the power supply.
    • or the pc board is equipped with an imprint "A-100MBP Miniatur Bus/Power Supply" and "12-15V/>400mA
  •  If there is no such label or imprint it's version 1.0 or 1.1 and the above mentioned 9V AC supply is required.

Available with or without AC/AC adapter (only version for 230V mains voltage and European mains connector available)

Dimensions: ~ 142 mm (lenght) x 32 mm (width) x 50 mm (height)

The A-100MNT/MBP manuals are part of the A-100MC manuals:

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