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Mounting of several A-100 monster cases

Several monster cases can be mounted together as shown in the picture on the left side. For this purpose we offer two types of connectors:

  • A-100MVG: set of two straight connectors with 4 screws and 4 washers
  • A-100MVW: pair of angled connector with 4 screws and 4 washers

You find the sets in the price list near the monster cases. The connectors are black coated and mounted by means of hexagon screws and washers. The pictures still show blank prototypes of the connectors with curled screws. The final versions of the connector sets are black coated and the angled version has a fixed angle (no hinge). Due to safety reasons hexagon screws are used instead of kurled screws.

The pictures show an assembly that consists of an A-100PMB and two A-100PMS9. The three components have to be fixed at the rear side by screw fittings to obtain stability and avoid overturning. For transportation the screw fittings can be released so that each of the three components can be carried by one person only.

These case combinations are recommended:

  • A-100PMB / A-100MVG / A-100PMS12 / A-100MVW or A-100MVG / A-100PMS6
  • A-100PMB / A-100MVG / A-100PMS9 / A-100MVW or A-100MVG / A-100PMS6
  • A-100PMB / A-100MVG / A-100PMS6 / A-100MVW or A-100MVG / A-100PMS6

Other combinations are possible (e.g. A-100PMB+A-100PMS12+A-100PMS9 or A-100PMB+A-100PMS9+A-100PMS9) but not recommended because of the unsufficient mechanical stability. You may combine cases in other configurations at your own risk.

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