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The WTF Oscillator uses a window transformation concept to generate lively and rough sounds. This very special oscillator brings a new and unique option to Eurorack, for morphing between waveforms. As you slide open the window in the front wave the rear wave can be seen in that window. You can open and close this window with CV control. 32 waveforms and noise are available. You can select the front and rear waveforms with independent control voltages enabling you to create incredibly rich sonic textures. Great for generating drum sounds, basses and atmospheric drones.

WTF stands for Window Transform Function. The concept is that you have two waveforms, one in front of the other, and then it is possible to open a window in the wave at the front to show a portion of the wave behind. Thanks to this system, totally unique waveforms can be created.

Furthermore, there is a dual window mode, as well as an invert option for the rear waveform. Both options can be activated using the switches next to the display.

The width of the window is controlled manually using the Width potentiometer or via CV at the according input.

The front and rear waveforms are set by the two knobs Front and Rear, and thanks to the CV inputs with attenuators these can be voltage controlled.

  • 30 mA +12V
  • 30 mA -12V
  • 100 mA 5V
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