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«Klang» is a 4 voice polyphonic controller. It stores, traverses and manipulates chord progressions.

  • Encoders controlling each of the 4 voices in the chord. Turning one knob will rotate the corresponding indicator on the OLED display – showing which CV value that particular channel will produce at its output.
  • The OLED display shows a realtime visualization of the 4 voices. The indicators points to a note on the clock face, and a number on each indicator lets you know the octave of the note. A status display at the bottom shows what chord is currently active, and the total chord count in the chord progression.
  • This encoder lets you browse the chords, and set the active chord. Holding this encoder down will activate «tuning mode» and set every note to middle C – letting you tune your oscilators easily. The module goes back to its previous state upon release.
  • The - button will delete the currently active chord.
  • The + button will add a chord after the active chord. The new chord is set as the active chord.
  • Control voltage inputs.
  • Takes a trigger or gate signal, and advances the chord progression according to the CV value of the ↤↦ input.
  • Takes a bipolar CV signal, and decides the direction and amount of steps a step trigger will produce. 0V will result in no progression. The input is normalized to 1 step in the forwards direction.
    -Takes a bipolar CV, and transposes the current chord according to the voltage given.
  • Output CVs for each voice (note).


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