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Premium quality stereo bus mixer module with balanced and unbalanced output drivers, high end headphone amp and level meters.

Every module in our line of products is a result of trying to solve our own needs in modular land. MIXmix is no different.
We already have in our product line a few mixers from the simple LINMIX and CP3PLUS to the complex and coloured sounding MIXBX, MIXCR and MIXKM modules.
As musicians we have multiple eurorack cases with different setups, each one with one of the three mixers (BX CR or KM).
Trying to sum the stereo outs of multiple cases was a problem so this led us to create a module that can sum multiple stereo outs from different stereo sources.

The design goal was to have a stereo summing unit with as clean as possible sound, great dynamics and low noise. Also being a final mixer we decided to add balanced and unbalanced output drivers, a level meter and our premium high driving capability headphone amp, the same one available in our BX, CR, KM mixers and PHONEZ modules.

MIXmix is a high end module where sound quality was one of the main goals.
Circuit boards are four layer PCBs to make possible separate routing for power, audio signals and grounding. The design of the circuit boards make possible to have a great immunity to RF noise problems.

All opamps (operational amplifiers) were selected for great audio and current driving capabilities.
Balanced XLR connectors are gold plated Neutrik and 1/4 inch jacks are Amphenols.
Al relevant parts for audio are quality thru hole parts.
The level meter is designed so it will not induce noise and distortion to the audio path when LEDs turn on and off.

MIXmix will make possible to integrate not only the stereo outputs of multi mono/stereo mixers but also to add stereo outs from your external stereo mon/poly synthesizers, drum machines and/or your guitar with effects setup.
With MIXmix, now you can sum in your euro setup the outputs of your other band members in a compact and convenient way.

Just some MIXmix use examples:

MIXmix = (MIXBX) + (MIXCR) + (MI Clouds) + (MI Elements)

MIXmix = (MIXBX) + (MI Clouds) + (Roland JD08) + (Guitar & pedalboard)

MIXmix = (MIXBX) + (AKAI MPC) + (Matrixbrute) + (Guitar & pedalboard)

MIXmix = (MIXBX) + (AKAI MPC) + (Guitar & pedalboard) + (vocal microphone & preamp & FX)

16 HP
35 mm deep
Current Draw
150 mA +12V
50 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
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