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TAKT is a compact 8 Track Rhythm Sequencer with Trigger, adjustable Gate, Velocity & Mod CV Recorder & analog quad LFO. The core concept of TAKT is rather that of a looper than a classic step sequencer. The way you can program and perform differs from everything you know and its possibilities are vast, it's a totally different beast than your classic step sequencer. Have a look at these quick jams: https://tinyurl.com/ycydswsz

It features 8 tracks with trigger/gate as well as 8 velocity/modulation CV outputs plus full MIDI functionality. Both Midi and CV can be used at the same time to create extensive and complex patches way more than just simple drum beats.

There’s plenty of recording and input methods like “single shots” (basically real time recording) with and without quantisation (96 ticks) or the “shot mode” which is the looper function that will record everything you press or play at a given time in the given resolution. Euclidean modes and a user sequence mode (which is a workaround for classic step programming) are also on board. At a time four tracks can also be triggered simultaneously with four external distance sensors that come with TAKT of course.

There’s two user cv inputs for connecting foot pedals (the best is BESPECO VM20 as you can connect modular adapter cables!) to switch on/off the sensors, switch channels or clear patterns and so on. This is very powerful as you can record and clear at the same time and due to midi you could use TAKT with an external drumpad as well, which by the way is the reason why it was developed in the first place.

Velocity can be either fixed or pattern based (sample & hold sequences) and you can also record the velocity sequence later! The CV modulation can also be altered at a later point and when triggering FIRE (or another midi capable drum module) via midi you can use the physical outs on top, with different sequences!

Triggers can also be gates with automatable length which is great for drum sequencing but also for further use throughout your system, so TAKT can also function as rhythmical brain for a whole system. Additional modes & features that are already available: mute per track, quantizer (timescale), last step (polymeters), shuffle per track, variation per track, track shift (with tick nudging).

Patterns can be switched on the go and are up to 4 bars long. 4 patterns plus a fill pattern are saved as a scene. 50 scenes can be permanently stored in the module, the tempo is also saved with the scene. In total you get 250 patterns - you can export and import these via Midi Sysex. You can also send Midi program change, with FIRE this is especially powerful for live use.

To top it off you get four analog syncable LFOs with analog VCAS for amplitude adjustment. 
Included are different waveforms, phase offset, amplitude adjustment, speed and output voltage, which can be unipolar or bipolar.

30 HP
50 mm deep
Current Draw
160 mA +12V
80 mA -12V
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