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The TRAX is a performance sequencer module designed to control the Transient line of products. This sequencer can also control various other modules in your modular system, as well as other analog and MIDI sound modules. 

What appears to be a rather simple looking module on the outside, is actually a bangin' powerhouse of features and functions just waiting to be discovered. This module manages to combine the best elements of classic sequencers mixed with some amazing new features, offering a wide range of possibilites from traditional to the more experimental algorithmic type sequencing. 

While most sequencers allow you to store patterns and then simply select the order they play back, the TRAX will not store any sequences in memory. Instead the TRAX provides quick ways to enter new music data and alter that data on the fly. We want to encourage you to discover new results with each and every performance. 

Parameter editing is designed in an intuitive fashion, often allowing you to perform parameter changes in very musical ways. 

TRAX provides all the functions you would expect to find larger sequencers such as Tap Tempo, Time Signatures, Swing, Mute, Fills, Scales and much more. Playback can be controlled using the internal clock, external analog clock, or even MIDI clock. 

TRAX provides independent Rhythm, CV1, and CV2 parts. Each part provides A/B patterns (up to 16 steps each), that can be played in various directions, and manipulated in unique ways using the built in Remix, Evolve, and Phi features. Each part also provides three independent loop points for total control. 

For those wanting a more traditional sequencing solution the Links feature allows CV1 and CV2 part parameters to be linked to the Rhythm part. In fact you can link any combination of CV parameters to the Rhythm for complete flexability, and new ways of jumping between different parameter values. 

With unique new features like Evolve, once you enter a pattern or two, the TRAX is able to compare the patterns and generate numerous related patterns instantly for you to access. In addition, the Remix feature will provide 256 variations of each pattern entered. Need more inspiration? A part can also be filled with Randomized data. 

While patterns are playing you can edit, overwrite, copy and paste, or add various fills all in real-time. 

TRAX can be used by itself, or with the expanded MIDI capabilities that the MIDI BUS provides. Want more? It’s easy to expand your system to include multiple TRAX using our Flying Bus power cable. 

Quite simply, the TRAX is capable of generating a very large amount of new output control with very little input from the user. It’s a performers dream, and sure to introduce some excitement into your tracks. 


  • 6hp
  • 90 mA +12V
  • 9 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 38 mm deep
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