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The Grp VCO is an analog precision oscillator with voluminous sound. The module emits sine, triangle, saw and variably wide pulse waves at individual outputs. Additionally, there is a sub oscillator, which can generate signals one or two octaves below the main VCO. Coarse and fine tune controls plus an octave switch allow you to flexibly alter the module’s pitch. Furthermore, there are two FM inputs, one of which is switchable between linear and exponential characteristic. Sync and PWM functions are available as well, of course.

Oscillator w Sine, Triangle, Saw,Pulse Sub Oct (-1/-2)Octave 64’-2’,three CV In; PW/PWM w CV in
Hard Sync , FM2 bus Exp/Lin
Panel Width: 10 HP

+12V = 60mA -12V = 50mA +5V = 0mA

: sets VCO tuning; range +/- 1 Octave
FINE: sets VCO tuning; range +/- 1 Tone
OCTAVE: sets VCO octave; range 64’ – 2’
PW: Pulse Width simmetry
PWM: Pulse Width Modulation amount for ext CV connected atPWM input port
SUB: sets suboctave (square wave) at -1 or -2 Octave. Sub octave signal is available at SUB output port
FM1: Frequency Modulation amount for ext CV connected at FM1input port. FM1 is exponential
FM2: Frequency Modulation amount for ext CV connected at FM2input port. FM2 can be exp/linear
EXP/LIN: sets exponential/linear behavior for ext CV connected atFM2 input port.

: unattenuated, 1V/Oct CV input for ext keyboard or sequencers
SYNC: hard sync master input
PWM: attenuated CV input port for Pulse Width ModulationFM1: attenuated CV input port for exp Frequency ModulationFM2: attenuated CV input port for exp/lin Frequency ModulationSINE: audio out for sine wave
TRI: audio out for triangle wave
SAW: audio out for sawtooth wave
PULSE: audio out for variable-width pulse wave
SUB: audio out for selectable -1/-2 oct sub octave square wave

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