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Each Intellijel Octalink 1U package contains two identical Octalink 1U modules and one RJ45 cable. With the Octalink 1U system, you can physically separate different eurorack cases while retaining the ability to cross-patch between them.

Mount each Octalink 1U in a separate Eurorack case, and connect them with a single RJ45 shielded network cable. Each Octalink 1U contains eight patch points, which are routed through the RJ45 cable, eliminating the performance issues and inconvenience of running multiple patch cables over extended distances. Any signal patched into a numbered Octalink 1U jack will appear at the like-numbered jack in the connected Octalink 1U.

Octalink 1U is also useful for musicians who perform with multiple cases. Any connections you would normally need to make between cases (clocks, gates, control voltages, etc.) can be pre-patched into the Octalink 1U modules. You would then simply connect the two cases with a single RJ45 connector when setting up for the gig.

If you need to connect more than two cases or access more than 8 patch connections at a time, simply add more Octalink 1U modules.

IMPORTANT: If you require a different cable length, you can purchase a standard, fully shielded, internally-grounded RJ45 network cable. Make sure to use only shielded Cat-6a or Cat-7 RJ45 cables. In general, you can spot a shielded cable by the presence of a metal-wrapped connector.

Octalink 1U is compatible with Doepfer’s A-180-9 Multicore module. If an Octalink 1U is connected to the top (1-8) RJ45 port on the A-180-9, then the numbered jacks correspond perfectly. That is, jack 1 on the A-180-9 connects to jack 1 on the Octalink 1U; jack 2 connects to jack 2, and so on.

  • 14hp
  • Module does not draw current
  • 14 mm deep
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