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Composing expressive music has never been that easy

A controller, an app, an instrument

  • The Exquis controller gives you immediate access to the rules of harmony to improvise with or without theoretical prerequisites, and offers you dimensions of expressiveness that you can quickly master.
  • The Exquis app, in symbiosis with the keyboard, offers a unique workflow allowing you to create an entire song in a few minutes: choose sounds, record loops, play the conductor and structure your songs in complete spontaneity!

A visual and ergonomic approach of harmony

Exquis offers an intuitive way to guide you on the right path, while allowing you to get out of it. No hassle: just choose a scale, and follow its luminous path to play in tune.

And thanks to our default note layout, it’s very easy to make chords; Exquis arranges notes that sound good together next to one another. You will be amazed at how harmony falls under your fingers.

Expressivity at your fingertips

No need to play a lot of notes when you can make them live; Exquis expressive keys are designed to be mastered in moments while offering enormous potential for expert gestures.

Also benefit from 4 encoders and a 6-zone tactile slider, multiplying the possibilities of sound control and facilitating the control of actions on the app.

Composition at your fingertips

The cross-platform Exquis app is the perfect companion to the keyboard, akin to a conventional composition software.

Compose entire tracks in seconds with a unique workflow we have been perfecting for 15 years, now trusted by thousands of musicians around the world for its spontaneity and efficiency.

Learn at the speed of lights

Thanks to the backlighting of the keys, it will soon be possible to display a musical score directly on the keyboard.

Universal, complementary and independant

The Exquis keyboard is a MIDI controller compatible with all software, MIDI synthesizers and modular synthesizers.

The Exquis app, although optimized for the controller, is also compatible with all MIDI controllers.

A keyboard and an app that look like you

Like our previous instruments, we believe Exquis will be a true extension of yourself, so we’ve designed it to be even more customizable than a guitar.

Mobility at the service of pleasure

There is no secret: the more you practice, the more you progress! That’s why, in addition to being plug-and-play, we designed Exquis to be playable anywhere and anytime.

The Exquis keyboard is also equipped with very powerful LEDs, allowing you to play outdoors. To prevent your devices from discharging too quickly, you can even power Exquis with any external battery.

A provided soundbank

Whether or not you are familiar with plugins, presets, and MPE, our sounds will reveal the full range of expressivity of the Exquis keyboard.

Design and eco-responsibility

We designed Exquis as simply as possible, so that its very few parts are easy to assemble, even by yourself. The circuit board is designed to be repairable and the casing is easily customizable and replaceable.


  • Keyboard: 61 hexagonal keys sensitive to pressure (Z axis) and position sensing (X and Y axes) withe RGB backlighting
  • Encoders: 4 clickable encoders with RGB backlighting
  • Buttons: 10 push buttonswith RGB backlighting
  • Slider: 6-zone capacitive slider with RGB backlighting


  • USB-C port: standard USB 3.0 port, USB-C connector, 5V and 0,9A max (max consumption: 4,5W)
  • MIDI IN and MIDI OUT: standard MIDI communication (serial communication), stereo 3.5mm (1/8”) minijack connectors, 5V and 5mA max
  • CV “PITCH” and CV “MOD”: analog communication (Control Voltage), mono 3.5mm (1/8”) minijack connectors, 0 to 5V and 20mA max. Active impedance equivalent to 1kohm
  • CV “GATE”: analog communication on/off (Control Voltage), mono 3.5mm (1/8”) minijack connectors, 0 or 5V and 20mA max. Active impedance equivalent to 1kohm

App (optional)

  • Required configuration: macOS 10.11 or above / Windows 7 64 bits or above
  • VST/VST3/AU compatible
  • Looper: 11 tracks, 4 loops max per track
  • Sequencer: 11 chainable events


  • Size: 317 x 146/165 x 36mm (12.5” x 5.8/6.5” x 1.4”)
  • Weight: 0,52/0,75kg (1.15/1.65 lbs)
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