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4-part Multi-timbral
A/B Patch Morphing

Desktop/Rack Mountable Synth Module

NINA combines the functionality, versatility and compatibility of modern digital equipment with the hands-on tactility and lush sound of classic analog synths. The result is a massive sounding analog polysynth, with an intuitive interface and workflow that gives you more control during composition and live performance.

2 VCOs +
Digital Wavetable

The combination of two analog VCOs, a Digital Wavetable Oscillator and ‘Moog’ style Ladder Filter gives NINA the undeniable warm, rich sound of classic analog synths.

Innovation +

Nina is designed to be a joy to work & play with. We’ve combined modern technology and automation to enhance the playing experience, allowing you to be freer to focus on the music.

•  Motorised, automatable, assignable control panel

•  Recallable and easy-to-use Modulation Matrix 

•  12-Voice Polyphony and MPE compatibility

•  Classic onboard effects

•  400+ factory presets and storage for up to 16,000


NINA’s motorized controllers

 We have developed our own motorized controller to replace the potentiometers in a traditional synth. 

Our design is based on a brushless drone motor with our own ultra-hires optical sensor. These brushless motors and contactless optical sensors are extremely robust with a lifetime rating in excess of 50 million cycles, which is 500 times more than conventional pots.

*patent pending


Feel the difference
with haptic feedback

Nina’s motorized controllers bring a new level of tactility to the user experience. The result is the feel, subtlety and precision of a real analog potentiometer, while having instant recall and haptics. 

With haptics, the knobs can change dynamically from smooth to detented to multi-position switches. The end experience is far more useful and engaging than a standard analog pot.



Nina makes 12 analog voices of MPE playing possible, combining MPE functionality with Nina’s 4 multi-timbral layers. Stacked presets can be MPE controlled, or multiple MPE zones, controllers or standard MIDI keyboards can be assigned different channels.

MPE mode offers parameters so it can work correctly with popular MPE controllers, and adds a Decay envelope for expressive sound control on MPE Aftertouch and CC74. Expressive E Osmose, Ableton Push 3, Embodme ERAE Touch and Linnstrument are just some examples of the MPE controllers you can connect to NINA.

We recently teamed with Expressive E and sound designer, James Terris, to create an exclusive MPE Preset pack, crafted just for the Osmose X NINA combination. And now with the addition of Morph Modulation, MPE capabilities are continually improving!


Waveform and Wavetable Visualizers

Nina’s waveform Visualiser allows you to see shapes evolving as you create them, and allows a better understanding of the dynamics of Nina’s SPIN and panning features. Oscilloscope and XY view modes are avaiable.

The wavetable visualiser provides a simple representation of the available wavetables, making it easier to find the perfect sound.



NINA Specifications

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