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MFB - SEQ-03 Step Sequencer

Step Sequencer & More

The SEQ-03 we have the two previous SEQ-01 and SEQ-02 integrates a new sequencer and extends it with many new features. So there are now four types of tracks, namely CV, Gate, AD envelope and LFO. In each case, two parameters per step can be programmed. 
Pro LFO, the waveforms sawtooth up, sawtooth down, sine and square set. 
can For each track the flow direction can be determined, there are Up, down, up and down and random selection . 
Shuffle we have refined, now there are 15 levels. 
Overall 3 modes offer different ways of playing. 
Mode 1 allows up to 4-bar patterns (total max. 64 steps), the number of steps and the clock divider is Kaprije for all tracks . 
Mode 2 is only one bar, but can per track the number of steps and the clock divider can be set. This mode allows polyrhythmic patterns. 
Mode 3 was taken from the SEQ-02 and offers six tracks, each with a CV and a gate. The gate is set at the same time, if a CV is programmed. 
In the modes 1 and 2 can each track either as CV, Gate, LFO or AD envelope are used. 
Both knobs Para1 and Para2 have the following functions: 
`CV: with Para1 the CV is set and with Para2 Glide 
gate: with Para1 of the gate intensity is set (thus, the volume of our drum modules are controlled), Para2 sets the length of the gate. 
AD envelope: with Para1 the attack time is set and with Para2 the decay time 
LFO with Para1 will set the pace and with the amplitude Para2

The SEQ-03 can optionally be powered by an internal clock or an external clock signal. If the internal clock is used, the two Clock and Start / Stop jacks are outputs and can synchronize other modules. Otherwise, the two jacks inputs, with which you can synchronize the SEQ-03 to external clock sources.

The SEQ-03 but can be controlled not only drums. In a modular system, there are many options for trigger pulses, eg, sample & hold, switches, clock divider / sequencer, Logic Modules, envelopes, etc. What, for example, as in S & H or clock dividers triggered usually with a straight-through Clock, rhythm can be targeted with the SEQ-03 in no time. Thanks to the large number of CV and trigger traces of the SEQ-03 is ready next to the tracks for a drum groove as well as still a few outputs for such special tasks.


  • 25 mA +12V
  • 5 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 25 mm Depth
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