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Overall Features:

  • 8 Gate Generators (4 Complex Lanes & 4 Simple Lanes)
  • 7 Gate Inputs
  • 1 Clock Input for Syncing GateStorm to an external clock
  • Includes TAP TEMPO button as well
  • 4 Local Gate Inputs
  • 2 Global Gate Inputs (1 with integrated button to use when not patched)
  • 6 CV Inputs with Attenuator (Normalized to DC voltage)
  • 8 Gate Outputs (0-10V) with Integrated White LEDs
  • 320×240 High Contrast LCD screen
  • 1 Rotary Encoder with Pushbutton for Data Entry
  • 15 Buttons for Various Parameter Entry
  • USB connection on rear for Firmware Updating
  • 24 HP
  • Skiff Friendly (Very shallow)
  • Power: +12v/-12v
  • Based on ChibiOS RTOS

Common Features for Lanes:

  • Time base settings from /16 to *16 off master clock rate
  • Pulse Width settings form 1/32 to 1/1 (1/32 can be used for trigger)
  • Sync or Free running
  • Sync mode means changes ONLY occur at master clock boundaries

Complex Lane Features:

  • 1-16 Step Length
  • Forward, Backwards, Palindrome or One-Shot Operation

Simple Lane Features:

  • Clk Density Function (Full Clock, or between 0% to 95% random)
  • Logic Operations with ALL 8 Channels
  • Invert any channel
  • Fully Customizable CV Matrix (Any CV to any INDIVIDUAL Lane Parameters:

Common Lane CV/Gate Destinations:

  • Pulse Width
  • Time Base
  • Global Reset Trigger
  • Global Random Trigger
  • Global Transport Pause

Complex Lane CV/Gate Destinations:

  • Rotate Steps
  • Length Steps
  • Local Trigger Reset
  • Local Trigger Random

Simple Lane CV/Gate Destinations:

  • Logic Mode
  • Source A
  • Source B
  • Density

Global CV/Gate Destinations (Outside of Single Lane Settings):

  • Rotate Outputs (Also has output locking to prevent certain lanes from rotating)
  • Preset Changing
  • CVBus (Used Mungo/MacroMachines Mechanism)
  • Absolute CV Value (Preset 1-8)
  • Incremental CV Value (Steps presets, 1,2,3,4 in circle, wraps around)
  • Global Trigger Reset (Resets ALL lanes)
  • Global Trigger Random (Randomizes ALL lanes)
  • Global Trigger Pause (Pauses Only Lanes with Pause Active)

Additional Features of Note:

  • 10 to 400 BPM
  • 16 Banks of 8 Presets Each (Last Bank Used Loads on Restart)
  • Shallow Menus, All Functions Labelled (Most 2 deep)
  • Template System (8 Templates) for Creating Custom Starting Points
  • Template 1 is used as Reset Values for System
  • Macro functions to speed up making changes (or copying values across lanes)
  • Global operations to change settings for all lanes at once.
  • Transport control for stop/start/pause on selected lanes
  • Lanes can be muted from one of the menus

Random system PER patch, FULLY flexible PER lane:

  • Complex Lane Steps can be Full random, Euclidean or Euclidean with Offset.
  • Random Setting Matrix Page makes for easy visual of random settings
  • Random constraint system allows controlling WHICH enumerated random values are selected from.
  • Mod Matrix page shows ALL modulations (in real time) for easier configuration
  • CV graph on main page for easily seeing CV values coming in unmodified
  • CV value range of effect can be set PER modulation, both positive OR negative
  • Entire CV/Trig system can be disabled for making changes and not having the system changing modulations like patch switching at the same time.

System Settings:

  • Built in System clock divider to handle faster system clocks
  • Clock averaging settings (takes multiple samples) smooths out syncing of the clock (can do 1, 2, 4 or 8 samples)
  • ADC Smoothing, Slewing and Hysteresis System. Can be tuned for user expectation.
  • Step/Wiper color schemes
  • Display Brightness Settings

  • 24HP
  • 110 mA +12V
  • 20 mA -12V
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