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Stonk it's a joystick controller with 2 channels of CV and 2 of audio. It’s a CV generator, looper & audio processor. 

Very hands on module which can be a sort of chaos pad or dj looper. Features: 

The audio AD/DA is 24 bit, 48 KHz, the internal audio handle is 32 bit float.

The CV AD/DA is 16/12 bits, 12 KHz.

The extra CV outputs are the analog sum and difference of the CV outputs 1&2. 

Each channel has 6 modes available. By default 2 parameters are assigned to the horizontal & vertical axes but this can be easily tweaked, so it’s possible to control any of them (frequency, symmetry, offset or amplitude of the LFO, for example) not only with the joystick but with the 2 CV inputs. 

The polarity control & offset of every parameter can also be modified on every mode and every channel.

6 presets for store and recall not only the joystick assignment and settings but all the parameter values for all modes and channels.

Size 12 HP

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