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The Buchla 207t mixer has six inputs and two main outputs as well as a monitor output.

At the bottom right side of the mixer is a microphone input with preamplifier and gain pot. The microphone input jack takes a 1/4” TRS phone plug. Above it is the gain switch and knob which set the gain of the preamp. The switch has two dierent ranges, 55db and 70db to cover most microphones that needs to be boosted to eurorack signal levels. The microphone input can also be used for a signal from some other source such as an electric guitar or line level electric piano.

On the top right of the mixer, is one "left” channel output jack, and one "right” channel output jack, two mono MONITOR outputs, and one stereo EXPANSION IN jacks. These last two jacks are actually a pair of inputs without attenuators, assign control, or access to the MONITOR output. The jack on the left goes directly to the "left" output and the left right goes to the "right" output. These inputs can be used to link the two mixers to form one 12 in, 2 out" mixer. To do this simply patch the SIGNAL outputs of one mixer into the EXPANSION IN inputs of the other.

Horizontally on the bottom are the six mixer signal input jacks ('A" through "F"). Above these are six yellow MONITOR switches. Putting any of these switches in the up position sends the signal from that input to the MONITOR output on the mixer. The six blue switches, when up, send the respective signal to the main SIGNAL outputs. The sliders are attenuators on the input signals going to the SIGNAL outputs. They have no eect on any signal going to the MONITOR output. Above the four centre sliders are ASSIGNMENT pots which pan the signal between the "left" and "right" outputs. The input channels on either side of each mixer ("A" and "F") feature voltage controlled assign. Without any control voltage channel "A" is assigned to the left output and channel "F" goes to the right output. As a control voltage increases the signal pans to the other output channel. The two LED's below each control voltage input indicate which channel the signal is going to.

Specifications: Size: 28 HP - Depth: 28mm Power: +12V 90mA / -12V 85mA

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