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You never can have enough modules that influence levels - be it for audio signals or control voltages.

quadroPOL is a four-channel polarizer module. It can attenuate any incoming signal, in-phase or out of phase. One of its most special features is the way each channel’s level control works. Instead of having one dedicated zero-point, it has a “dead zone” where the input signal will be completely suppressed. Thus, you will easily find the off-position, even without a center-click, while, at the same time you’ll be able to create extremely sensitive level increasings.

Further outstanding features are
  • A channel’s output signal will optionally be forwarded to the next one, which allows the use of quadroPOL as a mixer-module. This way you can sum up to four signals.
  • The module can be controlled via control voltages. Beside manually setting the level you can use each channel as VCA. You never can have enough VCAs in a modular system, can you?
  • quadroPOL’s circuits work with a four-quadrant-multiplier. This means the module is a ringmodulator without compromises - sorry - four ringmodulators.

Do you have 10 HP unused rack-space left in your eurorack-system? You should consider getting a quadroPOL module. It is so versatile that it’s hard to live without one, once you’ve gotten your hands on one of it.


optimum input level INPUT ±5 volts
optimum input level CV IN ±5 volts
generated DC –5 volts … +5 volts
Power Consumption  
+12 volts 45 mA
–12 volts 35 mA
+5 volts -
Dimensions and Weight  
Width / Height 10 HP (129.00 mm) / 3 U
Depth 30.00 mm
Weight 130 g


quadroPOL - manual, English 

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