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Introducing Subway, an 8 input, 1 output signal scanner (crossfading switch) in 6 HP. Transit for your signals!

8 inputs and correlating on/off switches let you decide how many signals are a part of the line. Then, smoothly fade from one signal to the next using the knob or an external CV source.

Subway is compatible with both audio and control voltage so it can be used for creating morphing waveshapes out of wavetables, complex modulation from multiple CV sources, as a simple waveshape selector for oscillators with multiple outs, and lots more. Find new sonic territories by combining multiple sounds and cycling through them at audio rate. Meticulously route CV to create preset destinations throughout a set.

The journey is yours, let Subway take you there.


Scan Knob - Master control over which input is going into the output. Knob becomes offset when CV is applied to Scan CV input.

Enable Switches - Control which input is active. Off LED means the input is removed from the output selection. Dim LED means the input is active, but not yet selected. Bright LED means the input is currently being sent to the output.


PCB height: 112mm

Depth: 38mm (with cables)

Power: +80mA, -22mA

Saves settings after 1 minute of inactivity.

Digitally controlled analog signal path operates at 48kHz.


6 HP
38 mm deep
Current Draw
80 mA +12V
22 mA -12V
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