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MCV4 is a budget-priced MIDI-to-CV-Interface to control vintage monophonic synthesizers via MIDI. MCV4 is provided with 4 analog control voltage outputs (CV1...4) and one Gate/Trigger output.

These are the most important MCV4 features:

4 analog control voltages CV1...CV4

voltage range for CV1...4: 0...+5V, 8 Bit resolution (equivalent to 1/4 semitone resolution)

CV1 for pitch control (normally VCO CV)

CV2...4 for voltage control of other functions (e.g. VCF frequency, loudness, modulation)

MIDI control of CV1..4:

  • CV1: note on/off with pitch-bend, 1V/octave characteristic
  • CV2 monophic after-touch
  • CV3 velocity and/or volumen (controller #7)
  • CV4 velocity and/or any controller (setting of the controller number via learn button)

Additional Remarks:

MIDI channel, reference note for CV1 (this is the MIDI note corresponding to 0V of CV1 and thus the lowest possible note of the analog synthesizer connected to MCV4) and the controller no. for CV4 are adjusted via learn function. For this the learn button must be pressed and the required MIDI messages sent from the MIDI controlling device (MIDI synthesizer, keyboard, sequencer ...). The other parameters (retrigger, trigger polarity, assign mode ...) are adjusted in learn mode via program-change messages.
The Hz/V mode available in the predecessor model MCV1 is not available with the MCV4 because of the many problems occuring with the non-linear Hz/V characteristic. But some synthesizers normally using Hz/V can be be controlled with V/Oct (e.g. Korg MS10/MS20, details you may find in the MCV4 user's guide).
If you want to use all 4 analog control voltages you need 2 special cables with a stereo 1/4" jack plug on one end (MCV4 side) and two mono 1/4" jack plugs on the other (synthesizer side). It's nothing but a so-called "insert cable". You may get such cables from your local dealer but we also offer such a cable (MCV4 cable 1/4" stereo - 2x1/4" mono). If you need it we recommend to order it together with the MCV4.

More details can be found in the user's guide MCV4_man.pdf and on the FAQ page.

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